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Each cohort is 6 weeks. You will have 3 whole group meetings, plus the opportunity for "drop-ins" with the group and individual meetings. The rest will be done on your own schedule and at your own pace.

If you are interested in this summer, are there any times when you would NOT be available between mid-July and early September?

We will find a timeframe that works best for the greatest number of people. Think about vacations, festivities, etc. that could challenge your ability to participate.
How valuable do you think it will be to participate in this course online, build relationships with peers, and receive personal coaching? *

What are you willing to pay for a 6 week program? *

You will get: group coaching calls, instruction in developing your vision, and personalized feedback on your Holistic Goal. Note: currently the public program is run on donations. 

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Do you have an idea bubbling? A major life transition? A lull in inspiration? Maybe a simple need to think about the future?
Do you think it is important to make decisions in your life that consider justice and ecology?

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